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2020.11.27 04:29 evil6twin6 The "Stopping Grinch Boys Act of 2018" was awesome but seems to have does in committee. I don't understand who they would be protecting to not pass legislation like this. I don't want to buy a bot just to get an Xbox X. This problem really needs some attention though.

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dgvcryr in gonewild on 28 Apr 17 (1pts):
Mmmmm im stroking my dick thinking about how nice it would be to have you straddling me. Your sexy ass grinding on me rubbing my dick through the boxers making sure I can feel everything you are...
dgvcrmv in gonewild on 28 Apr 17 (2pts):
Mmmmm im stroking my dick thinking about how nice it would be to have you straddling me. Your sexy ass grinding on me rubbing my dick through the boxers making sure I can feel everything you are...
dgvcrb5 in gonewild on 28 Apr 17 (1pts):
Mmmmm im stroking my dick thinking about how nice it would be to have you straddling me. Your sexy ass grinding on me rubbing my dick through the boxers making sure I can feel everything you are...


jws8w6 in fantasyfootball on 18 Nov 20 (1pts):
Technically After Year Scores Over Master Happiness Is Low Left
e6ui8s in Seahawks on 06 Dec 19 (2pts):
Fuck the 49ers, go hawks
dutlw0 in electronic_cigarette on 11 Nov 19 (1pts):
Whats your worst 'Oh shit, my mod broke' story
dcm7v6 in Seahawks on 03 Oct 19 (0pts):
Rams fan here, I come in peace
c6luba in cancer on 28 Jun 19 (0pts):
Living with buttcheek cancer
c610xe in diabetes on 27 Jun 19 (0pts):
Why dont u stop eating sugar
c5xfqw in CysticFibrosis on 26 Jun 19 (0pts):
Hey i just saw the movie about ur disease did u all have a expereince like the movie and thats why they made it because that is sad and im sorry u cant be by ur loved one but im glad ur new lungs r...
bsvs19 in legaladvice on 25 May 19 (0pts):
Arrested for sucking venom out of a womans snake bite (nsfw)
aysw4b in nfl on 08 Mar 19 (0pts):
Why dont the browns just trade baker for obj? The giants get a new young qb for eli to groom and the browns get there WR? Seems like a great move for both teams
9se8ed in nfl on 29 Oct 18 (3pts):
Breaking: Browns Fire Hue Jackson
9go4pv in Browns on 17 Sep 18 (0pts):
8z5x40 in FortNiteBR on 15 Jul 18 (0pts):
Carbide with no armor is the best skin in fortnite
8yf27v in FortNiteBR on 12 Jul 18 (0pts):
Black knight is kn the shop for 2500 v bucks what the fuck epic
8xewa7 in thanosdidnothingwrong on 09 Jul 18 (0pts):
Mmmmm im stroking my dick thinking about how nice it would be to have you straddling me. Your sexy ass grinding on me rubbing my dick through the boxers making sure I can feel everything you are...
8sv5jh in warriors on 21 Jun 18 (0pts):
Y'all gay
7jsb3x in StarWars on 14 Dec 17 (1pts):
Kylo ren dies and his spirit goes into Luke's body
732kqd in RocketLeague on 28 Sep 17 (0pts):
Offical Patch Notes (Autumn Update, 9/28/17)
6s8z48 in LifeProTips on 07 Aug 17 (2pts):
LPT: Don't share tips about coconuts on /LifeProTips
6gddd0 in nba on 10 Jun 17 (1pts):
TIL Steph curry dips his mouth piece in a mixture of bird shit and dog puke before every game and at halftime
60xv1t in RocketLeague on 22 Mar 17 (0pts):
hello has psyonox stated what time the update will be released at? I need to get up to super champ division 4 before I can play season 4 today so I can get the wheels thank you forur time god blass
60xnes in RocketLeague on 22 Mar 17 (0pts):
5tfoi2 in nba on 11 Feb 17 (1pts):
Why is KD so black
5q7wnb in nba on 25 Jan 17 (0pts):
I read today that the Cavs turned down a trade for Melo for Kevin Love. It makes no sense to me.
54mq9j in AskReddit on 26 Sep 16 (1pts):
If you could kill one person and get off totally free but you couldn't tell anyone at all, who would you kill, and how would you do it?
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Oh boy


jqlib9 in Austin on 08 Nov 20 (1pts):
Any protests going on tonight?
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2020.11.27 00:23 RepresentativeBus685 What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)1

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[Nsfw Audio Reddit Possessive M4f Yandere Joker]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Possessive Mine M4f Jealous Friends to Lovers]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Possessive Obsession]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Possessive Obsessive Jealous Poetry M4f]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Possessive Obsessive Jealousy Poetry M4f]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Possessive Prince]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Possessive Ramble]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Possessive Script]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Possessive the Boy Next Door]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Possessive Yandere]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Queem]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Queen]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Rockstar Celebrity M4f]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Roman]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Romance Married]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Royal]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Royalty]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Sci Fi]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Sci-fi M4f]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Shadowobsidian]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Stalker]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Story]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Superhero]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Superhero M4f]() [Nsfw Audio Reddit Theif]()
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2020.11.26 23:01 autotldr Illegal brothel: two Utrecht men stand trial, accused of trafficking underage boys

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Two men in Utrecht are on trial for human trafficking, exploitation and the abuse of young men, including seven underaged boys.
The two men would then have sex with the boys as trial dates.
If the trial date was successful, then A. and L. would then arrange customers, payment, and website prostitution profiles for the boys on Boys4U. Men between 45 and 75 years old would usually pay 150 for a date of two hours, 20% of which went to A. and L., reports RTV Utrecht.
The two men have denied recruiting boys for prostitution or exploitation.
L. did admit to having sex with some of the young men as trial dates.
The trial will take place over the next three days, during which a psychological examination of Romeo A. will be revealed, compensations for the young men will be discussed, and the suspects will have their last chance to make a statement.
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2020.11.26 23:01 autotldr UN agency for Palestinians runs out of money for first time

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The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees said that, for the first time in its history, it has run out of money until the end of the year.
The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East relies on funds from UN member states and the European Union, but said it has been chronically underfunded for years.
Philip Lazzarini, UNRWA commissioner-general, said at a news conference in Gaza on Thursday that the agency was on the "Edge of a cliff".
UNRWA had notified its entire workforce of 28,000 people that it will be forced to defer their salaries for the rest of the year.
Lazzarini said UNRWA had received this year the lowest level of contributions since 2012, at a time when the needs of refugees are compounded by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
A boy and Palestinian employees of UNRWA take part in a protest against planned salary cuts The agency said most of the workers affected are refugees themselves and the cuts will affect employees in countries across the Middle East.
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2020.11.26 22:45 xMagicalLlamax The game monkey in the middle probably game from 2 white boys bullying a black bot who was playing with a ball

Edit: boy
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2020.11.26 22:09 SensitiveAnteater420 Intense pains to laying in a hospital bed to making data science and machine learning apps.. as a 15 year old #JetBrainsAcademy #HourOfCode

I'm a Dutch 15-year-old coder who started coding a year ago. I have a chronic disease, kyphosis, and intense lung problems which don't allow me to go to school (especially not during covid) with my friends.
My back is fixed by rods because of the kyphosis, but in November 2019 I had intense pain, and it turned out I broke 1 of the 2 rods; so I had to get surgery. After a visit to the doctor, I heard I had to get another surgery (this has happened before).
At first, I was happy; because "who doesn't like not going to school?". After 3 weeks, I started feeling lonely so I tried learning C++ so I could make games. It turned out to be pretty difficult.
January 2020: By the time I got bored with C++, I had to get the surgery. The pains had their peaks and every night was basically painful suffering with the beeping noises of the medication machines. And I didn't have my doggo which usually helps to cheer me up.
My friends basically just dropped me thus I didn't have any contact with them which made me very sad, especially because I layed there, lonely, staring outside in front of a hospital rooms' window.
It turned out that I had to stay in the hospital for a month so I was like "Oh boy, here we go". I pretty much just started practising more C++ on mobile apps like SoloLearn and others, but it got boring really fast again because I didn't have any projects I wanted to work on.
February 2020: Around that time I got fired from the hospital and I sat alone, at home, bored, not knowing what I was doing with my life. My cousin who's following a university course on IT things (such as ethical hacking and coding) started to talk to me more and he really inspired me. I found out he was using Python to make interesting apps, so I started practising it as well.
When I first tried it, it was really difficult since I was used to the C++ ways, but then I started practising more and more and I eventually got very good at it.
March 2020: In March I was ready to go to school and done with recovering, but the Tuesday before the Wednesday I would go the government announced a lockdown due to covid-19. This made me very very very sad since I told all my friends I would go to school.
May 2020: After a few months, I started making Discord bots using Python for a community of a game I used to play. At the time people were really happy with my bots and it's utilities, this really motivated me a lot, the contact with my cousin worsened a lot; which was a bummer. I also started to notice how coding helped my sad- and loneliness go away, especially because I missed my IRL friends A LOT.
Over the months continuing I would practise more and more Python, especially with data science and machine learning which really interested me.
September 2020: I started talking with my cousin again and it became clear to me I was quite a bit :p better than him at coding. He started asking me if I could help him with his homework exercises and other exercises for a grade. This made me realize that I was pretty good at Python and that the hard work those many months had paid off.
October 2020: I started working on a maze generator with NumPy, PyGame and other modules (using a "hunt and kill" algorithm (I found out that was its name after I started working on it)), but it would turn out to be above my level, but I kept working on it and I eventually got burned out.
November 2020: I met a new online friend and he's into Python as well, cured my coding burn-out and introduced me to the Jetbrains Academy. And I've been in love with the Academy ever since. The very lovely difference I find between Jetbrains Academy and other learning platforms is how it's personalized, and you don't have to start from a newbies' level if you're already advanced with it. The last few weeks I've been investing more and more hours into the academy and I absolutely love it. This has made me entirely forget my loneliness and stress I've been experiencing the past year.
Afterword: I'm currently writing this at the 26th of November; the exact day I heard I had to get surgery. It's been a wild ride so far and I'm having a few tears on my face as I'm writing this since this has been a very emotional year for me. Especially the surgery and recovering side of it, and how coding helped me out emotionally A LOT.
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2020.11.26 19:46 Fatherbliss [H][US][Wyrmrest Accord]: Come for the tacos, stay for the bacon (All content, levels)

Short version for folks who are just wanting basic details. We are based on Wyrmrest Accord, Horde. Smaller sized guild. All content. Many of us love PVP, we’ll get into raids and such later on once geared. Not serious, very laid back, we love tacos and bacon. Come on dooooown Johnny.
The Mission
Felmyst in Ninja Gear is the WoW branch of the celebrated and legendary Goats of Thunder Community! We strive to be a unique collection of talent, experience, acquired taste and an almost universal devotion to all things strange. Our community has crossed oceans of time, explored the strange vendor machines in Japan and done with Ministry of Silly Walks. We then realized that we really don’t fit in anywhere else. Which is okay. Mostly. I’m fine with it. I still have some of those scars from the early days when I tried to do things like you are supposed to do. Many communities and guilds will tell you that they are about these same things. Well, buckle up because its about to get interesting in here my friend.
cocks shotgun, thinks about it, cocks the shogun at the same time
How the Guild Operates
People are going to tell you that we have too many channels in our discord, that we are full blown chaos and also that we demand coupons at drive-through windows rather than bring our own. Which is silly. Everyone has an app now for that. Doesn’t stop us. Through wind, rain, and inclement weather this community is a bonded family. (This is due to everyone feeling like they can be themselves here or because I use Super Crazy Glue on their keyboards and they can’t leave). Originally this place started as a father and son venture until my boy moved out on his own. We’ll be okay since he still sends memes. If you want us to look into a game, try out a new bot or get absorbed into a game we are open to trying just about anything. Now on to the details!
How you Fit In
If you’ve ever felt like someplace was too big for you, that people won’t take you seriously, should you decide that folks have overbearing commitments on your time – you likely felt like us before I made this place. We are the outcasts of society, the inner core of a structure that makes all things possible. The Goats are that strange substance you find on your hands after checking the oil in your car when you are 100% certain the mechanic screwed it up again. That’s right we even taught the AllState guy. I like to term us competitively casual which generally stands for ‘we like to complete content just don’t pressure us into it’. You’ve got to be sneaky about how you ask. I recommend plying us with gifts and bad manners.
Requirements and Information
• Discord is our voice and hanging out application. You really won’t get a true sense of who we are unless you are in there. Most of us use it for text-based applications, we’ll gather for raids in voice.
• Our community is 18+ after some kids tried to steal our candy.
• We are absolutely LGBTQ+ friendly, just be aware that we’ve got representation across various countries, age ranges and backgrounds. Our folks enjoy a healthy debate.
• I’ve employed professional trolls and put them into jobs here. Meaning, you’ll either have a shield against evil or you’ll get booted into the ground within roughly ten minutes.
• We don’t tolerate racism. Ever. Don’t do it.
• The community as a whole engages in all sorts of content. Many of us are lifelong PVP players. Games on PC are our most likely gathering point, while there are console and Parcheesi enthusiasts strewn about to make us look good.
We Offer to You
• Hilarious and an often very uncensored environment that will make your head spin, have you grabbing for the wheel and dancing just out of range of a spray bottle.
• Leadership that has been in charge of communities with 500+ members, entire servers or some that can barely manage to do their laundry.
• Some amazing beat boxing skills.
• Multitude of channels catering to every whim, desire and strongly worded choices for President of the local WhineMCA.
• People who play way too long into the night, have poor sleep schedules and often can hardly agree on which way the door is located. Even though we just came in.
• Both cat and dog pictures.
What you bring to our supper table
• Please be open minded! These folks are my friends, confidantes and dilletantes. I’ll give you a spare key to the dungeon if you ask nicely enough.
• Sense of humor. This is the place we gather after a long day of work to unwind with each other. We are weird and it won’t wash off.
• Never eat spinach with a stranger. Also do not pet a burning dog.
• Should you not meet the rather open ended requirements for one of our games, come talk to us first before exiting the building. I’m open to feedback and always am looking to improve what these Ninjas are going on about.
• Just be yourself or stab others who look like you.
  1. Be kind to each other. A little good natured teasing is always okay, but don’t let it cross the line into being mean. We’re all here to have a good time so lets keep it that way.
  2. We’re an open and inclusive group here, expressing hate and discrimination will NOT be tolerated. Bans will follow.
  3. If a joke or action goes too far and someone says to stop, you stop. Fail to do this at your own peril.
  4. We have a 1 month activity policy. Anyone who doesn’t interact with the discord at least once a month is subject to being purged. Additionally, anyone who doesn’t pick a role in our role assignment channel may be kicked at random by our bot. If you will be inactive for extended periods of time please tell an admin!
Subject to change depending on the game. Right now we are exploring the glorious World of Warcraft and at least some portion of us are online in the evening. Once we hit max level dungeons and raids will be put on the calendar. We’ve still got players active in Guild Wars 2 and they’d love to get to know you too!
Feel free to hit me up in game to see if we would be a good fit (Fatherbliss#1238). Alternately join our discord! Make sure to select roles to see all of our content. Now with a Community Join link for your convenience. Thanks!
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2020.11.26 18:02 FFBot Official: [WDIS Flex] - Thu Afternoon, 11/26/2020

Post your Who Do I Start (WDIS) questions here for your Flex positions ONLY.
  • Flex-specific scoring rules (PPR, etc.)
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  • Other league specific rules and details (league size, std/PPR, roster details, custom scoring, bonuses etc.)
  • Entire roster if helpful
  • When answering questions, please make sure to sort by NEW!
  • Do NOT reply with only the player name. This just removes the other person from the index without them getting information. You are not helping.
  • Explain why you would start that player.
  • Remember most people know how to look up rankings. They come here for discussion, start a discussion!
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2020.11.26 07:09 callmefreak It's not the employee's fault there's no PS5s!

I feel like saying this on Reddit where there's thousands (if not millions) of Karen stories will just be me preaching to the choir but this is annoying me enough to make post about it anyway. As far as online goes I haven't really seen it but just about every time I'm out I do unfortunately see it one way or another.
Every time we're out to a store that sells video games we'll pop by the electronics and ask real quick and we either see somebody yelling at them or we'll ask and they'll have this reaction like they're about ready to endure another rant. I'll call GameStop sometimes to ask (only GameStop because bigger retail stores won't know what they have in their inventory off hand) and again they'll have this "oh boy here we go" kind of tone in their voice and when I thank them they'll sound almost pleasantly surprised.
I'm annoyed at Sony and I hate that certain websites will allow bots to buy every system they have because they don't care. When the Switch came out some stores had a one or two/household limit in person because of the verbal abuse people would get but because of the pandemic not a whole lot of systems are going to be in store anyway.
The whole thing is bullshit and is probably rigged because of course Sony's not going to care who buys their systems as long as they can rack in the money, but that's not Turtle from Best Buy's fault. Be kind to Turtle.
Again I know that I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but I just needed to rant about this. I have friends and family who works in retail who comes home to complain about this a lot and I just feel really bad for them.
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2020.11.26 06:40 -Centrism- AU: UnderDystopia Headcanon Chapter III: The 9th Human

1984/107A.W *Passed one year after Frisk arrival, An 17 old boy was fallen into the Underground by bullers, he walked into the ruins, he coughed a bit, he see an flower with an face here, the flower looked very upset because of something Flowey: another human this soon? The boy pets Flowey Flowey: Leave me alone.... He pets Flowey again Flowey: Leave me alone! He pets Flowey again Flowey: L E A V E M E A L O N E He decided to leave flowey and proceds into the Ruins, he show some kindness for some monsters but kill the ones who where menace to the Boy, so he finds an house, he enters its and find an Ghost, Whia black and White eyes, and an purple small Cloak Ghost: oh, another guest, hi, wanna drink an tea? Boy: ok, i have Nothing to do *They sit and start to chat Ghost: hi, hi, im Napstablook, Charateker of the Ruins, what is your name? Boy: Thoven Sipho he continues to Cough Napstablook: hmmmm, are you sick? Sorry, dont need to answer, its personalyeah, you are new here Thoven: yeah, i fall here, i think i don't wanna to back so soon, and dont worry, i'm fine Napstablook: are human? Sorry, you can't fight, he will have to fight now... *An battle starts, It shows that Thoven soul is Green The battle ends Napstablook: oh, never mind, if you wanna to pass the ruins, you can go, sorry, this was stupid, bye he dissapears
Thoven: Ok... this was strange...He continues to walk through the ruins, he sees the exit of them, before he leaves, he see the flower again
Flowey: leave in a bad mood Thoven: why you are like that?
Flowey: Nothing, you moron, i was near the victory, and then i lost everything, i don't know if i reset or not, now that i regain the power of reset, but...if i reset, they will defeat me again, so..... *Thoven not understands what flower cleary wants to say, so he leaves the ruins, when he comes to snowdin, he kill less monsters than before, he continues to cough, so he heads to Town, so he sees some monsters making chaks at the snowdin town, an Staff monsters becomes dust in his frount, he pick an Battle Hammer that belonged to that monster,and start to atack the monsters whiwas making chaos, he see an Cloaked Dog that picks an Sword
Cloaked Dog: Why are you Helping the Staff, Joins us, the New Resistance Thoven: Resistance? You are just making chaos in this town, and i will not let that happens Cloaked Dog: so die Human, me, Dokiig, will defeat you!! With the Blade of my Sword!! The Battle Begins
Thoven tries to tell Dokiig to stop this, but he din't listen Dokiig' i will use my toys to kill you Dokiig atacks Thoven trowing bone toys st Thoven, he defends some but get hit mist of the times
Thoven attacks Dokiig doing good damage Dokiig atacks Thoven with his Sword, using Orange and Light Blue attacks amd Thoven is hit sometimes
Thoven gets very angry but doens't attack, instead, he eats some coolies and recover 7 Hp
Dookig: I will use my toys again, kid He uses his attacks on shield mode but Thoven dodges all
Thoven attacks again with his hammer 1521 damage, critical hit Dookig: g..gaaaah..impossible!!! The Battle ends Thoven runs to Kill Dookig but he falls at the ground, With many wounds Dookig smiles Dookig: i will die....but i will kill you first *when he prepares to stab Thoven, he gets stabed by an bone, and becomes dust Papyrus: Sans!!!! Robbing my kill again??!!! Sans: yes i think Papyrus: i though you, i grow, you are the Mettaton Sciencist, im the most Strongest Underground [Skeleton] Monster!! Sans: Yeah, i think you can push Hundred of skeleTONS!!!
Papyrus: SAAANS!!! NOT NOW!!! Oh, i almost forgot....this human is wounded, looks like the battles with this rebel
Sans: yeah, his limbs are with an black thing too, this is bot normal
Thoven: What are you two? he coughs deeply
Sans: I'm Sans and this is my Brother Pap- Papyrus: AHEM!!!! Sans: This is the Strongest Underground Monster Papyrus: NO!! It is Strongest [Skeleton] Underground Monster!!! You spelled it wrong!!! Sans: wheatever, you did an good work fighting with this rebel, we will apresent you the Grand Leader
Some time Later,In the Nova Castle Mettaton: hmm, so this Beautiful human, Thoven, did an exelent work at fighting one of the New Resistance, Before you finish it? Sans: yup
Mettaton: yeah, you surely can help us, human, wanna join the Staff?
Thoven: sure, why not? I don't want to leave this so soon either Mettaton: Perfect
So Thoven become am Staff, he Helped Nova Underground to fought the resistence, he fight in many battles, and he was growing Mettaton Trust, he also Helped him in some Policys in Nova Underground, so Mettaton made Thoven leave the battles and Named Thoven His Prime Minister, Now Thoven isnthe Second in charge of the Underground, Whorever, his Health was gonna bad everyday,, he was coughing more, his limbs wgere getting more dark and weak, the efforts of sans to cure him was worthless In one day, he was walking, when Suddenly he falls at the Floor Hours Later He wakea up, feeling diferent, he sees Sans And Grand Leader Mettaton Thoven: what happned to me, Master? His Voice now is dark, like darth vader voice Mettaton: well, we haved to replace you Legs and Arms with Robotic ones, and i put an New Armor with breath system on it, since this strange sickness of you can affect you respiration, you will Live, Thoven Thoven: Thank you, Master, i will be eternally gratefull to you Says him stand up and Picking his aprimored Battle Hammer
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2020.11.26 05:01 autotldr Intelligence firm Black Cube ordered to pay £350,000 to Israeli TV show

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 57%. (I'm a bot)
A British court has ordered the private intelligence firm Black Cube to pay £350,000 in costs to an Israeli investigative television show after withdrawing a high-profile £15m libel lawsuit against the media group.
Court documents filed in the high court of justice Queen's bench division show that Black Cube was ordered to make the "Interim payment" to pay for the costs of Keshet Broadcasting Limited and five of the group's journalists.
A spokesperson for Black Cube said: "The company, according to the recommendation of its English lawyers, has decided to discontinue its defamation claim in the UK against Uvda for a documentary which they broadcasted more than one year ago."The company has been advised that since its income in the year following the broadcast has increased, the argument that the company has suffered financial loss because of the broadcast has fallen away.
At an earlier hearing, it was reported, lawyers for Black Cube had argued that England and Wales was an appropriate jurisdiction for the case to be heard because one of its founders and many of its clients are based in the UK.The libel case was reportedly filed by Black Cube in the UK after the investigative TV show aired a segment in June 2019 that alleged that one of Israel's richest men, the tycoon Idan Ofer, had hired the firm in 2014 to investigate the then-finance minister, Yair Lapid, and other officials.
Black Cube has previously been named in media reports alleging that the company has worked to discredit US officials who negotiated the Iran nuclear agreement.
Details about the arrangement were alleged during the trial, including that the law firm Boies Schiller had signed a contract with Black Cube at Weinstein's behest.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Black#1 Cube#2 company#3 report#4 broadcast#5
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2020.11.26 03:51 DarkLordJurasus USAgent and the USAvengers #1- We The People

USAgent and the USAvengers

Volume 1: The Founding Fathers
We The People
Written by: u/DarkLordJurasus
Edited by: u/duelcard and u/VoidKiller826
In the past few years, I’ve learned how hard the most basic of actions are. For example, simply writing down a name. A single action causes an inert madness in me. The shaking of my hand, the numbness of my fingers. The black ink blotting as I can barely write a single word, much less link them into letters.
When will it get better? That question has been on my mind for the past two years, three months, and twenty-seven days. Never going to be the same; that was the first thing I was told when I woke up. The pain bearing down on my body, unable to move, and yet that line was the thing that broke me.
1.4 tons of heavy steel laid on my body. In front of me, laser blasts and robot bits flew about. I attempted to move my arms, my legs, anything at all, yet it is all pointless. Each nerve felt pinched as I struggled. I could barely breathe, my chest being crushed by the weight. My shoulder was definitely dislocated, my leg broken. I was thankful that everything went extremely numb, the actual pain I should be feeling would be indescribable.
In the air, Ultron bots roamed. They searched for people to kill. One of them found me. For a minute, I thought it was over. The robot stared down at me.
In a swift second, the robot began to gain a yellow hue. The robot crashed down to my left. The destroyed electronic close enough to touch, if I could move my arms that is. Seeing a blond man with a hammer flying overhead, taking down bot after bot, I yelled out.
Risking my lungs coming apart, I screamed and cried out. I just had to make myself loud enough, louder than the blasts, the explosions, the mechanic whirlwind.
I didn’t know if the man, the god didn’t see me, or if I was just not important enough, but I was left, my lungs hurting more than they ever did during my tours of duty. Realizing I was truly alone, I accepted death.
I fell asleep, metal rubble scattered around me. As the Avengers fought Ultron, I was left for dead. Seemingly another casualty in the battle.
“John…… John, are you okay?” asks my physical therapist. My mind clearing from my memory, I take a look at my surroundings. I’m safe, I’m at PT, I’m alive.
Staring down at the paper, I see that I haven’t moved the pen. Shakily picking up the pen and placing it to the side of the paper, I close my eyes and take in a deep breath.
Turning to my physical therapist, Maya Haywood, I nod my head. Speaking slowly to ensure there is no slurring, “I’m fine. I got caught up in memories.”
Maya nods and tells me, “I could only imagine. I know I’m not a psychologist, but I have to ask, does it still happen often?”
I shake my head, “No. Earlier this week. one of the people I saved got out of a coma. The family invited me to dinner yesterday. They were very thankful but… reminded me of what happened. It brought the memories back.”
“That sounds horrible. When is your next therapy appointment.”
“On Monday.”
Maya gives me a look, the sympathy clear in her eyes. Ignoring the same goddamn look I’ve gotten everywhere, I look over at the time. Five O’clock, it’s time for me to leave.
Giving my thanks to Maya, I take my cane. As I begin to stand, my legs buckle under my weight. With a hand on the table and a hand on my cane, I attempt to straighten my legs. Shaking like a sugar-high child, I stand up straight.
One foot follows the other as I begin to make my way to the door. Cane, step, step. A pattern that has ruled my life since I have begun to walk again. I press my weight on the door and bring it open. Carefully stepping out of the building, I begin to flag down a taxi.
Minutes pass by as people come and go around me. My legs begin to hurt as my arms shake. Time and again, I have to change which arm holds the cane in order to not fall down.
Finally, I get the attention of a taxi. Inside, I tell the driver, “Can you drive me to 31st street?”
Receiving a grunt in response, I take a breath and close my eyes.
My back burned as I looked around. Pure chaos reigned the streets of New York City. Turning around I took in a sharp breath. Blood poured out of my body from multiple cuts. Bruises littered my skin. My muscles strained from the work I have been doing.
As I looked out to the street, I saw a kid no older than 5 staring at an Ultron bot in awe. Maybe his parents didn’t explain the situation, maybe he just didn’t grasp the danger he was in, no matter the reason, I knew I couldn’t leave him there.
Rolling my shoulders, I sprint towards the kids as an Ultron bot aimed for him. No time to lose, I wrapped my arms around the boy and tackled him to the ground. The pavement around us cracked as a blast made contact.
Fighting against my burning muscles, I slowly stood back up. Checking for any injuries, I happily found out I did not have any new ones. The slash on my left thigh was definitely infected though.
As a man in a uniform approached, I ran off. The kid was in safe hands and others need help more now.
Cutting through back alleys and streets, I made my way through Manhattan. The Ultron bots seemed to not be trying to do anything but cause damage.
In the distance, I see an old woman crawling. Her leg shattered and bloody. Did she get this way from an Ultron bot or from the stampedes of people running away?
I begin to make my way over to her. I used the abandoned cars as barriers, ways to not only hide from the bots but to also, hopefully, repel the blasts.
I wasn’t fast enough as multiple blasts struck her. For a few seconds, her body wasn’t visible from the mere amount of energy hitting her.
Realizing that the situation was a lost cause, I began to plan for my escape. As much as it hurt me to admit it, my life was a higher priority than bringing back her body. The bots turned around, not noticing or not caring about me.
Seeing a blind spot between the bots to my north and the bots to my south, I decided running was the fastest and least risky escape option.
Wiping the tears away with my dirt-encrusted hands, I began to sprint. Before I could blink, I knew I made the wrong choice as a car came bellowing towards me.
Opening my eyes, I fish through my pockets. Ignoring my phone, I grab my wallet. Twenty dollars are exchanged as I tell the man to leave me off.
The apartment complex is large and grey. Four buildings connect to each other, fenced off by a rusting iron gate. This isn’t my home, not in any sense of the word. That place was destroyed when the water hit Manhattan. The only saving grace is that I was in the Bronx with an old friend.
Ms. Gabriel sits on the bench right outside the gates. She does so often, watching the cars go by. From my time here I have learned she is a widow, one who lost her husband when he got involved with a mob that called themselves the Olympians. The only time anyone in the building has seen her cry was when the leader was found with a bullet between his eyes.
Ms. Gabriel beckons to me to come over. You don’t ignore her beckons. As I sit down, she says in her raspy voice, “I heard you are having a party next week.”
I nod my head and respond, “It’s Doug Johnson’s idea. You know I couldn’t give two fucks about playing loud music with a lot of people around.”
“Language young man.” She scolds, a giant smile on her face.
“You’re one to talk granny.”
She shakes her head and asks, “What is this party for?”
“It’s to celebrate my apartment being fixed. It’s been a while but the mold is finally completely gone.”
“You would think we would have one this weekend also if it were up to Doug.”
It’s now time for me to shake my head. “As much as he loves to party, Doug needs some quiet time also. After a year and a half out on the field, you can’t blame him for wanting to sleep in his own bed in silence.”
Ms. Gabriel turns to me and touches my face. Her wrinkly fingers rubbing against my skin. “We are going to miss you, John. Now, who will host BINGO night?”
I let out a small laugh as I respond, “Doug is back. He can take charge of it again.”
“It’s not the same.”
Getting onto my feet again, I reply, “Nothing has been for the past few years.”
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2020.11.26 03:01 autotldr Nigeria's Patriarchal system and how Sexism is indoctrinated in schools and homes

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot)
The school succeeds in building the minds of children Male and Female to fit into the Patriarchal society that is Nigeria.
I remember myself saying once, "Women are not real people but were created by God to satisfy Adam until Eve cursed humanity." That's how misogynistic I was, and many other Children in Nigeria are.
We know there is a problem but do not understand how we are building it in children within our schools and homes.
"According to The United Nations International children's emergency fund, gender equality would mean that women and men, and girls and boys, enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities, and protections. It does not require that girls and boys, or women and men, be the same, or that they be treated exactly alike."
In the more developed countries like The United States and The European Union, though not perfect, tremendous progress has been made in deconstructing its patriarchal system the same cannot be said for My Home Country: Nigeria where women are not, have never been but will one day be given equal opportunities as their male peers.
We can fight for this by starting with ourselves, with the tiny things we don't think matters; with the way we speak with our students, our friends, our children, and that's how we can eradicate Gender Discrimination in Nigeria.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: women#1 girl#2 children#3 student#4 woman#5
Post found in /Nigeria and /news.
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2020.11.26 02:00 subsummary Berlin Related Subs (19-Nov - 26-Nov Edition)

I've combed through many of our Berlin related subreddits, and these are the top posts from this week:
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2020.11.26 01:59 TormentedLoL A History of Doublelift - NA LCS Legend

Foreword: I wanted to write this because I know a lot of people probably came onto the scene more recently and don't know the full story of Doublelift. As a CLG fan since Season 1, I spent all of my years in high school watching this player, hoping he would succeed. To this day, I still remember the first time he won NA LCS with CLG and /DoubleliftsTrophyCase became a dead meme. I thought I'd write a small tribute to one of my favourite players of all time, and the original player who got me into esports.
Today, League of Legends is almost a household name. It is near and dear to all of us who browse this subreddit. Love it, hate it, balanced or broken, millions upon millions of us log in every single day to play, to relax, or to be part of a community. League of Legends has become part of our norm. Spamming D or F to escape grave peril, feeling the rush of a pentakill, the frustration of losing a game - they are all parts of the game that have become, for many, as natural as breathing, as regular as waking up and getting out of bed.
The story of Doublelift begins long before the glory of the current era. Before the inaugural season of NA and EU LCS in 2013. Before Faker had downloaded the game and played for the first time. Before Fnatic hoisted the first world championship in Sweden in 2011.


The story of Doublelift begins in Mission Viejo California, when a young boy, born of first-generation Chinese immigrants, who had fallen in love with video games from the moment he had touched a Nintendo 64 first started playing computer games on his brother's desktop. The boy, Yiliang "Peter" Peng, embarked on his odyssey in PC gaming, much like how most of us did - with classic Blizzard titles: StarCraft, Diablo, WoW. What the boy picked up often depended on the whimsy of his brother and friends. The tide of MOBA-style games came to him in the forms of DotA and WoW. But the stresses of being a teenager, and the strictness of his home environment quickly began to eat into his ability to play games. At the time, he was only playing most of those titles casually - and eventually, he stopped playing all of them altogether. All, except for one game: League of Legends.
Admittedly, he didn't keep playing League because it was necessarily his favourite among all the games he played, or because he thought he was particularly good at it. He kept playing because, in his own words, "it was a game he could play casually"
That all changed when he began to top the ladder. People started to recognize Peng. He was no longer just some nerdy kid from Mission Viejo. Online, he was "Doublelift" - one of the best players of League of Legends. And in spite of mounting pressure from his parents to go make something of himself, and the insecurities of becoming a pro video gamer in those early days, Doublelift ventured into the darkness and uncertainty with the ambition of becoming a professional.
The first team Doublelift joined was nameless - a ragtag group of high rated ladder players - Atlanta, mandatorycloud, Yiruru, and wallstop. Its foundation became the team "APictureofAGoose." But he wasn't there for long. In those early days, before the allure of multi-million dollar contracts, and job stability, the formation of teams was almost spontaneous. Doublelift left Atlanta's team for a short stint on a team known as "Team SoloMid" formed by the Dinh brothers, Reginald and Dan Dinh. But quickly swapped to the team of one of his friends from the game with whom he often played, HotShotGG. There, Doublelift spent his first time on CLG - but found himself unsatisfied with the environment. His search for a team that would "actually practice" left him trying to join the organization of fellow NA player William "scarra" Li. When that deal fell through, he finally found a home in Epik.Gamer - a team that had competed at the 2010 World Cyber Games, but had previously disbanded. On May 1, 2011, Epik.Gamer reassembled: its roster was Dan Dinh, Salce, Dyrus, Westrice, bobbyhankhill, and of course, Doublelift.
The team found immediate success, placing second at the Riot Season 1 NA Qualifiers, but falling just short to a team Doublelift had previously left - Team SoloMid. The placement, however, was sufficient enough to earn Doublelift a ticket to Dreamhack 2011 - a ticket to the first World Championship in League history.
But earning the ticket and being able to cash it in were two separate problems for Doublelift. The decision to pursue playing video games professionally did not sit well with his tradition-oriented parents. To them, the idea of gaming was antithetical to success - it was a waste of time, a waste of their child's potential. They, like all parents, worried for the murky future that devoting so much time to playing a game might create. The event their son so desperately wanted to go to was some sort of trap - perhaps both literally and metaphorically. He would go. But he would never come back.
After painstakingly convincing his parents that "he wasn't going to have his organs harvested there," Doublelift went to Sweden with team Epik.Gamer. They went undefeated in Groups, only to be knocked into the loser's bracket off a 2-0 by a team that they had actually overcome during Group Stages - Fnatic. In the loser's bracket, Epik.Gamer and Doublelift would yet again fall to the team that had bested them in qualifiers: Team SoloMid.
In Sweden, Doublelift tasted, for the first time, the fruits of his labour, winning back a few thousand dollars of prize money. But he also tasted the bitter bite of defeat. To go undefeated in group stages, only to fall short in elimination games when it mattered. Winning and losing on the game's biggest stage had lit a fire in him.
But when he came back home from Sweden, the situation had become icy. While his parents acknowledged the earnings he had just made, to them, the excursion to Sweden was a one-time indulgence. It was time for their son to find a real job - to grow up and join the workforce.
Eventually, tensions boiled over. And Doublelift was forced to leave his own house with nothing but his computer, his bicycle, and a bit of spare cash. But Lady Luck was kind to him. An inquisitive and kind Redditor, with the user tag "tnomad" - better known now as Travis Gafford, in response to the thread Doublelift posted in the fallout, gave Doublelift a home to live in for the time being, and the breath he needed to get back on his feet.

The Winless Star

After Worlds, Doublelift left Epik.Gamer and signed with a team known as unRestricted, which would later become Curse. With the move, came a role swap. While he had played Support going into Worlds (having been known for his Blitzcrank in SoloQ), he would now be the starting ADC. With his teammates in Pobelter, Lapaka, NyJacky, and LiQuiD112, the team would go compete in various circuit tournaments - MLG, IPL, and IEM. But the change of team and position was a rocky transition. Curse would post mediocre results at all of the major LAN events they attended. And Doublelift would eventually leave them for the team he had previously been with, and one of the bigger names in the scene at the time now - Counter Logic Gaming.
In those early days, the CLG roster Doublelift joined was about as close to a super team as you could have gotten. The two larger than life personalities of Saintvicious and HotShotGG, as well as the star mid-laner Bigfatlp, and a player known for his methodical approach to the game in Chauster.
On CLG, Doublelift finally found a home. And in Chauster, a mentor. Many who remember the scene from back then will fondly remember the term "Chauster School." And in that academy of hard knocks, Doublelift would quickly develop as one of the bigger names when it came to the ADC role. But it was never quite enough. While CLG posted high placements throughout much of the Season 2 Circuit, they never managed to take the final step and win a tournament on the largest stage. After a disappointing finish in OGN Summer 2012, where CLG was knocked out in the first round of playoffs, Saintvicious left the team after a public and infamous row with their star top laner HotShotGG.
After saintvicious left, the uncertainty of the situation, and inability to find a suitable replacement, saw HotShotGG role swap from his home in the top lane to jungle, while CLG picked up CRS's up and coming top laner VoyBoy. The roster featuring "George in the Jungle" was workable. But it also did not win. At the qualifiers for Season 2 Worlds, Doublelift knocked out his former team in CRS to finish 3rd and earn his second ticket to League's highest stage.
This time, he wouldn't even make it out of groups, finishing a disappointing 1-2 and not even getting the opportunity to play an elimination series.
CLG's slide continued to plague Doublelift following Season 2 World's. The team suffered numerous roster changes and role swaps. But the one consistent factor was the player who had quickly made a name for himself as one of, if not the best ADC in NA - Doublelift.
2013 was the inaugural year of NA LCS. The big 4 of Team SoloMid, Team Curse, Dignitas, and Counter Logic Gaming were all expected to dominate the league. But in the opening spring split, CLG finished a mediocre 13-15 in the Round Robin, enough to award them a shaky 4th place before they were then immediately knocked out in the opening round of playoffs by Team Vulcan.
The low finish meant Doublelift and his teammates would have to play for their careers in the promotion tournament following Spring Split. They requalified by knocking out the team of Doublelift's former teammate in bigfatlp's Azure Cats.
In Summer, CLG performed exactly the same as Spring, but this time, 13-15 in the Round Robin was only enough to give them 6th place in the regular season. While they staved off potentially having to play in relegation by defeating CRS in the 5th place match of playoffs, CLG's mediocre finishes across two splits meant that for the first time since he started playing professionally, Doublelift would miss out on playing at Worlds (though he would join as a voice on the analyst desk).
The 2014 offseason saw one major change for Doublelift. While he had seen his fair share of roster swaps over his now 2-year tenure on CLG, management had now gifted him an up-and-coming talent from a promotion team called Team FeaR. That player's in-game name was "Aphromoo".
With the newly dubbed Rush Hour bot lane, CLG and Doublelift surged, narrowly missing out on Finals at IEM 8 Cologne as well as LCS Spring 2014, finishing 3rd in both. But just as things began to look up for Doublelift, roster swaps in the top lane and a general slump for the team left Doublelift and CLG floundering once again in the 2014 Summer Split. By this time, CLG had become known for being a one-dimensional team. Memes of "Protect the Doublelift" or being only able to play around their singular star player began to surface. And the ever-present /doubleliftstrophycase became an homage to a player who, despite being regarded as the best in his role by many, had never been able to win. The cursed 13-15 record would come back, but this time, CLG would be forced to play in relegation after losing the 5th place match in playoffs.
Doublelift would once again, have to fight on the Rift for his livelihood against a former teammate - this time in Saintvicious.

Turning Around

Those who watched the 5 game series between CLG and Curse Academy are not likely to forget it. The series started off with 2 straight crushing victories in a row for Curse. In the eyes of CLG and Doublelift fans alike, the outlook had become incredibly grim. But with their backs against the wall and no fancy draft tricks or smoke and mirrors to rely on, CLG fell back on the one player on their roster who was still remaining from those season 2 days: Doublelift. In Game 3, an absolute do-or-die moment, CLG drafted only around, played only around, and enabled only Doublelift. With a team comp of Lulu top, Orianna mid, Elise jungle, and Braum-Tristana bot lane, if Doublelift couldn't put on a performance worthy of all the praise he received, he might never get another chance to. He would be the sole decider in whether or not one of NA's old guard, and most revered teams from the early scene, would survive relegation. If ever there were a time for "Protect the Doublelift" to live up to its meme-worthy title, or for it to succeed - Game 3 against Curse Academy, in the relegation series following NA LCS Summer 2014 was the final opportunity.
In a nail-bitingly close game to decide the future of a franchise, Doublelift showed up where he absolutely had to. Hitting the late game as Tristana, he showed no fear in walking into the welcoming maw of Curse, demanding respect for his sheer carry potential. If you haven't seen it before, I welcome you to watch the game that, in this writer's opinion, turned Double's career around. Not an LCS finals game. Not a Worlds game. Not even an LCS playoff game. A relegation game. And Doublelift smashed it.
CLG won that one game and off the momentum of it, completed a reverse sweep of Curse Academy.
Following that intensely narrow scrape with relegation, CLG would go on to achieve 2nd place at IEM 9 Cologne, falling in the finals to Gambit Gaming. They rode the wave to a 3rd place finish in the regular season of NA LCS Spring 2015, going 12-6. But once again, they fell short in the playoffs, losing in the first round to Team Liquid.
Up until now, Doublelift had proven time and time again that he was a player with potential. In those days, the word "potential" was almost taboo to CLG fans. The rosters always were the kind that could go far. But they never quite did when it mattered the most. People began to have their doubts about Doublelift. Was he truly worthy of being called a top ADC if he had never been able to win anything across his entire career? After a stellar international performance at IEM, Doublelift still hadn't been able to grasp first. Even when CLG had performed well in the regular season, they couldn't seem to get the final push.
Adding to the list of his frustrations was the sight of his old rivals in TSM succeeding where he could not, and newcomers in C9 meteorically rising to the top. All while Doublelift was a spectator.
In NA LCS's 2015 Summer Split, CLG and Doublelift finished 2nd after losing a tiebreaker for first place with Team Liquid. But in the playoffs, the team became a different beast entirely. They swept Team Impact to reach a Finals against the team that had started it all for Doublelift. The team that had beaten him 4 years ago in the online qualifiers for Season 1 Worlds that had launched his career: Team SoloMid. It was destiny.
It's a strange thing that the trend of history can do to a fan's perspective. The CLG fans who had stayed loyal to the org, the Doublelift fans who just wanted to watch him succeed, almost none of them dared breathe a word of CLG being favoured going into the match. This was the same CLG and the same Doublelift who had never quite been able to win before. This was the Doublelift who was cursed forevermore to have an empty trophy case. The same Doublelift who could only ever have potential.
It's a stranger thing when the fact begins to smash the fiction.
When Doublelift got a pentakill on Jinx in the second game of that series, Madison Square Garden erupted. And there wasn't a single soul in that venue who didn't begin to believe that this was finally it. That Doublelift had finally vanquished his demons. Those beliefs were rewarded when CLG routed TSM in the 3rd game of the series.
Doublelift had, for the first time in his career, for the first time since he had tasted the inkling of victory in Sweden in 2011 after going undefeated in Groups, finally filled his trophy case. He had won NA LCS.
And while the taste of victory was perhaps soured by CLG's mediocre showing at Worlds, nobody could ever deny his legacy in the league ever again.
While his career following that first win in 2015 isn't the spotless slate I wish it could be for narrative purposes, it is undeniable that in the years that followed, Doublelift cemented his legacy as perhaps the greatest player in NA's history. Certainly among the old guard, Doublelift between 2015 and 2020 has proven himself as the one lasting and timeless player to keep winning domestically. Whatever his international woes may be, this was a player, who had come from nothing, who had given his entirety to the game from the moment it launched, and he had made it.
It's fitting that Doublelift named himself after a magic trick. Because to me, and to many of his fans, his career has been nothing but magic to watch. And as we end this chapter of League of Legends and esports history, I hope we never forget one of the stars that helped make League what it is today.
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2020.11.25 23:01 autotldr Special Report: To reopen or not to reopen - That is the fraught question for U.S. schools

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 92%. (I'm a bot)
"If our schools do not open in person I will yank both my boys OUT and take them to another school district!!!" one parent wrote.
Across the United States, district leaders face pressure from all sides as they grapple with how to educate children during the pandemic, a Reuters survey of 217 districts showed.
Reuters surveyed 217 districts in 30 states, which serve about 2.4 million students, to determine how jurisdictions large and small are coping with the question of reopening campuses.
About half the districts reported problems keeping their schools properly staffed, in part because teachers and other workers on campus must go into quarantine if potentially exposed to COVID-19.
"Where's the data that prove that we are not risking our health and safety or even our lives by coming to work every day?" Mamie Huff, who has taught in Dallas elementary schools for 24 years, asked her district's school board on Oct 22.
Dr. Joel Tumlison, who focuses on infectious disease outbreaks for the health department, acknowledged that officials had "Some problems initially" doing timely contact tracing when schools reopened, requiring districts to assist with the work.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: district#1 school#2 student#3 teach#4 parent#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2020.11.25 21:30 sirius_potato My last game as jungler

Hi there, just want to throw this out on the internet.
I'm a noob trying to learn the game. Lvl 26, unranked.
Last month I tried to pick up the jungler role seemed interesting, and since I might get auto filled into it might as well have a backup champ for it.
It's cool. It's actually cool, and hard, and complex, with a lot of pressure, but it gives many good moments in many games.
But then... Then shit happens, behold the complete shit fest that was my last not auto filled jungler game.
So, game starts as normally. Take a leash, farm, a tank here, a crab there...
A few minutes later the enemy jungler starts to take a lead, he is actually better than me, it happens.
So after a failed gank boy (both enemies survive) I go back to farming my jungle since there is still plenty of time before the next dragon.
Farm south jungle, head north. Aaaand its empty. Completely empty. Not a monster in sight. At that moment I thought the enemy jungler (Volibear) had invaded my jungle, but I couldn't see when. Anyway, my map awareness is not the best, put a ward in red (north) and move one.
I keep an eye on that ward constantly. And I finally catch the thief red handed. Except is not an enemy, it's our toplaner. He clears the whole jungle while I'm on the other side of the map, contesting a dragon (and losing it).
All efforts of communication with said toplaner fail.
This keeps on going for the rest of the match. He pushes his lane, then heads to jungle and clears it superfast. He has a really big cs advantage, many kills under his belt and way more firepower than me.
And I keep getting behind, with half a jungle it's harder and harder to gank or even survive. I lack xp and gold while the enemy jungler us actually doing a good job.
I try to tell the team but no one cares. For them I'm just the feeder, the jg diff. I barely gank, I'm behind and weak. And the to planer? He's the freaking hero, he's got power, gold, kills and style, he will carry us, all hail the mighty top.
Except... Lane phase ends. Time to team up. Our team consist of:
So teamfights start and I'm supposed to tank. ME. The guy who has been deprived of half of the farm. I'm expected to hold the whole enemy team to allow my team to deal damage. So guess what happened.
Flames. Jg diff. Jg feeder. Jg lost the game. Report jg (I'm sure they did).
But Jhin? Most honored team mate.
We lost all the objectives, and the game. But Jhin got kills.
What, in the name of Holly fuckness, was I supposed to do???
I've been blamed and flamed before but this? THIS?
Ask anyone else for ganks, help and objectives.
Jesus... Way to ruin my free time...
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2020.11.25 16:50 buoninachos Politics on the sub *update*

Hello all,

Firstly thank you to all those who voted on the poll on whether or not to amend the rules of the sub to disallow politics.
Secondly, welcome to the approximately 4k users who joined since the poll started!

As a result of the overwhelming majority voting for either keeping politics out completely or allowing non-biased videos with political undertones, but no obvious politics - I have decided to amend the rules of the subreddit.

Starting from today, videos primarily centered around either political protests, partisan politics or political organizations will be removed.
Since this can be a little difficult to define, and so as to not discourage active participation in the sub, we will generally not hand out any temp bans for breaching this rule. The exception is deliberate and repeated spam.
This means videos with political undertones may be allowed, as long as they don't revolve around political protests, political parties or organizations and titles must not have a political bias.
Examples of topics not allowed includes:
Examples of things still allowed:
If you're in doubt, you can post it, but it may be removed.
Since I have observed quite a bit of complaining in the comment sections about what constitutes a freak-out or not, I just wanted to clarify what this sub counts as a freak-out:
Anything that can be reasonably described in any of the above 4 ways, whether human or animal behavior, is going to be allowed.
I will look into perhaps building a bot or automod to provide a way for users to give feedback on the suitability of posts.

Let me know if you have any feedback, questions or ideas.

I am aware of the following alternative subs for political freakouts:

Political freakouts:
ActualPublicFreakout (Right-leaning)
PublicFreakoutsReborn (Far right)
PublicFreakout (Left-leaning)
Protest freakouts:
And a special mention to another sub from my own side of the pond, UKFreakouts for UK specific videos in general.
Kind regards

The mods
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2020.11.25 15:10 jw_mentions /r/AskARussian - "A follow up question on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia"

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About Post:

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Submission A follow up question on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia
Comments A follow up question on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia
Author RiceFar
Subreddit /AskARussian
Posted On Tue Nov 24 16:32:18 UTC 2020
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Total Comments 46

Post Body:

This is a genuine question and I don’t wish to offend anyone!
Someone asked aboutJWs in Russia a while back:
I read the answers and it seems that Russians mostly agree with the government banning them because they are a “cult” and the top answer said they are aggressive in their preaching and have strange customs. Aside from the blood transfusion issue, are they actually extremist? And if a cult means having strange practices, couldn’t that apply to any non-mainstream group of people? As someone who lives in the US, it’s hard to understand the reasoning behind this as I know there are hundreds of Christian sects here (I used to be a part of a Pentecostal sect!) and simply having a religious house gathering is fine. But RT showed a video recently of a JW gathering broken up.
For those of you who are religious, do you agree that even just congregating should be considered extremist and be banned? Is any non-mainstream group going to be considered extremist?
Edit: Thanks for everyone who has replied! So I have learned that the general consensus on groups likeJWs is that they cause harm to their own members (other than the blood transfusion issue). Like isolation from their family if they leave the religion, general isolation from society, totalitarian control of the members lives, etc.. This is stuff I didn’t know about before and I didn’t consider, thanks again for the insight!

Related Comments (5):

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Author Piculra
Posted On Wed Nov 25 14:05:25 UTC 2020
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Body link
First off, I’ll say I agree with what you said about Islam. I think there’s some good things about the Qu’ran — Specifically the leniency when your life is at risk, as well as the rule about following quarantines — but I’m opposed to sects that don’t let people leave, and that do anything permenant to someone without consent.
The point is, Islam has more destructive practices thanJWs do.
I’d argue a lot of the stricter rules in Islam are also present forJWs. Ranging from bans on alcohol to shunning apostates. But while there are parts of the Qu’ran sometimes used to justify leniency to other Abrahamic religions, such as saying Jews and Christians will go to heaven, Jehovah’s Witnesses have a ban on following any other religion, reading conflicting interpretations of the Bible and even following holidays the church doesn’t recognise.
As well as this, I think almost any rule in Islam is allowed to be broken if necessary. Converting to another religion to save your life for example. WhileJWs aren’t allowed blood transfusion (and don’t let their children have them either) even if their life depends on it. Some have been “disfellowshipped” for it. (There’s a rule against talking to disfellowshippedJWs too...)
Now going back toJWs, I still don’t think that is a reason to arrest them. As an English speaker, some church officials spoke in “old english” because it sounded more authoritative.
Good point. The “appeal to authority” isn’t really harmful or predatory, but is sometimes used to make the church’s beliefs sound more legitimate. And while using an old dialect, for example, isn’t a cause for concern, it is rather concerning that they use it in place of so many terms.
On its own, this is harmless, but it can be a good indicator to be a bit more wary about these groups. Same with them being disingenous about the Bible.
But I cannot say that is a criminal act because if I do, then there is another religion out there with over 1.5 billion members that fit the cult description much better thanJWs and no one rational person is talking about banning them (a cult in the country in which they’re a minority in, not where they are the leading religion).
I think it’s important to have freedom of religion, and banningJWs comes with difficult questions on what’s going too far.
But I thinkJWs cross the line. The church endangers its own members (like the blood transfusion ban), who I’d argue are practically decieved into joining by predatory practices and sometimes willingly results in the deaths of children who can’t consent to being part of the church.
There’s also some alarming quotes from its leaders which are rather threatening and far worse, the Australian Royal Commision found that over 1,700 cases of child abuse happened within the church, commited by around 1,006 members, which had all gone unreported by the church itself. Similar accusations could be made against Catholicism, for example, but this was within 77 years, and in a much smaller religion...I’m sure the “Watchtower” knew about it, and did nothing about it.
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Author aceofbase_in_ur_mind
Posted On Tue Nov 24 16:56:13 UTC 2020
Score 14 as of Thu Nov 26 16:29:17 UTC 2020
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Body link
As someone who lives in the US, it’s hard to understand the reasoning behind this as I know there are hundreds of Christian sects here
Small wonder, because American ideas of freedom mostly began with religious freedom, and that basically meant a territorial pact: you're free to be a domestic/communal abuser with religious dogma as your pretext, but domestic/communal abusers ganging up on each other using dogma as pretext was off-limits.
Now Russia has historically had a more "cartel" sort of arrangement between the major religions, which smaller sects would have to really struggle to navigate, but to be honest, as an atheist, I'm not sure it's necessarily a bad thing, because smaller sects.... tended to be for people for whom the standard levels, granted by Abrahamic patriarchy, of wielding personal power over the weak, apparently weren't fun enough.
You also have to understand that sectarian proselytizing, foreign and domestic, used to be a free-for-all in the first post-Soviet decade or so, and we ended up with Aum Shinrikyo infiltrating our government, so it was rather predictable for the pendulum to swing back eventually.
Is any non-mainstream group going to be considered extremist?
No, and Jehova's Witnesses certainly aren't any old non-mainstream group.
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Author RiceFar
Posted On Wed Nov 25 13:28:16 UTC 2020
Score 2 as of Thu Nov 26 16:29:17 UTC 2020
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Body link
Thanks for that subreddit, I might ask this question over there and crosslink this post so they can see the answers here.
But I have also heard testimonies from former Muslims that if you leave Islam voluntarily, it is not uncommon for your family and your Islamic groups to shun you. And that’s one of the best case scenarios, some other places your life might be in danger. Even just criticizing certain Islamic figures can lead to big trouble. And even though in the desperate circumstances muslims can eat pork, that’s only going to be a rare instance. De facto, they are not allowed to eat pork. And the fasting still harms adults, even if children are not required to do it (which many still do anyway). Ramadan fasting has led to stomach pain because once evening hits, many of them overeat and become bloated.
And an obvious rule that violates the right of children is circumcision. Technically it’s not required for Jannah but since 99% or maybe even 100% of Muslims do this for boys, again it is de facto a rule. It is written in Sahih Al-Bukhari 5889. And any supposed benefits you bring up for this type of cutting can easily be addressed, especially the health one. And there is also a sahih (sound) hadith that supports female circumcision in Abu Dawud 5271 (note it doesn’t say cut off the clitoris, it says the skin around the clitoris and the labia minora skin). Islamic doctors claim there are health benefits to that, but I am quite sure those can be easily debunked. And in case anyone gets the wrong idea, I am against forced circumcision across both genders.
The point is, Islam has more destructive practices thanJWs do. You want to criticize the holy prophet? You don’t want to fast but you’re also a healthy adult? You want to eat pork even though there’s other food available? You don’t want to get cut as a child when you’re incapable of consenting? The answer to all those questions is more or less “too bad”.
Now going back toJWs, I still don’t think that is a reason to arrest them. As an English speaker, some church officials spoke in “old english” because it sounded more authoritative. Like with the 10 commandments people commonly use the king James translation when they recite them. And in my church they would also use some Hebrew words because it sounded more authoritative and ancient. It’s all make people “in awe” and respect the religion and make it seem so revered. And being disingenuous with the Abrahamic religions should be viewed as criminal. Catholics think that reformed Protestants are being disingenuous to the “true Christianity”. Some view Protestant denominations as a cult but most of them don’t believe they should be outlawed. In my opinion, Mormons have also been disingenuous with the Bible but I wouldn’t even think about banning them even though they have cult-like practices with how they brainwash their young missionaries.
So with all that being said, I’ll grant you thatJWs are a cult. People have had bad psychological experiences with it and from leaving it. Their views on apostasy are too harsh. They use ancient language to sway people and have perverted the Bible. But I cannot say that is a criminal act because if I do, then there is another religion out there with over 1.5 billion members that fit the cult description much better thanJWs and no one rational person is talking about banning them (a cult in the country in which they’re a minority in, not where they are the leading religion).
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I recommended looking through /exjw. It’s a subreddit for formerJWs, and there’s quite a lot there explaining why it’s a cult. (Same with Mormons.)
A few examples of cult-like practices would include;
Dissuading people from leaving. After leaving, formerJWs tend to realise how restrictive the church is and its cult-like practices. Sometimes they completely cut-ties with the church, sometimes the church does that itself by shunning them.
Telling members to shun former members. Another point about apostasy! This partly discourages leaving, it also prevents former-witnesses convincing their friends/relatives in the church that it’s a cult, which prevents such members from leaving. This sometimes seperates families, I think people who grow up asJWs tend to leave more often than people who joined later in life, so people born in the church sometimes end up shunned by their parents.
Using overly complicated terminology. This is common with many cases like Catholicism, I think it’s about the tradition of using Latin terms. In cases like Buddhism or Hinduism, it’s easier to adopt Indian words like “Samsara” than say “the cycle of reincarnation” every time you talk about it. But sometimes, like withJWs, it’s too modern to be explained away as tradition and there are words in English for what they’re saying...such as referring to the people who will go to heaven as “annointed” rather than a more common word like “blessed”. This is called an “appeal to authority”, because using uncommon and fancy words makes people think you know what you’re talking about, giving authority to your words. (I think there’s a lengthy post on /exjw with a very long list of examples).
As a side note, I think younger people are more likely to leave the church because they grew up with the terminology and are more used to it, so it doesn’t carry the same tones of authority for them.
Also, the church has even more rules than most religions and shun people for breaking those rules. In Islam, for example, you are allowed to break the rules to preserve your life. (You can eat pork if there’s no other food available. You can eat during Ramadan if you’re sick, old or a child. There’s passages in the Qu’ran about respecting a quarantine being more important than prayer.) But Jehovah’s Witnesses are expected, for example, never to take a blood transfusion, even if they would die without it and can be shunned from the church for doing so.
Edit: I forgot to mention that some cults use an edited version of the Bible, claiming that the standard translations, as well as the original Latin version for the New Testament, are fakes used to mislead people...which is exactly what they’re doing. So they’re even being disingenuous about the Abrahamic religions as a whole. I’m not sure ifJWs do this, I think the Westboro Baptist Church does. I’m certain that one of them does, but I can’t remember which...maybe both?
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I see it's been a while since the question was posted, but still I want to share a story.
I was 19 back then. I had to go to visit my friend. I left my apartment and while I was closing my door, two people appeared in the hallway. They were a young man and a woman of the age 42-45. The guy was so handsome, that I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Really, I've never seen anyone like him. I was standing and staring at him (not very polite, I know) when a woman suddenly asked:
- Dear, would you like to talk about God?
And I'm like: oh, shi~ No, thanks, I am afraid of you!
And that gorgeous guy put one of those creepy kind smile and asked:
- Am I that scary?
I said "Yes!" and ran away.
I am 35 now, but I still remember that story, and I still wonder: what was wrong with the life of that handsome guy? What made him be engaged in that preaching stuff?

And in general I wanted to say that when you talk withJWs you feel with all your cells that something is wrong, that these people don't bring any good for you.
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