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WHO CAN ATTEND THIS EVENT? Legally Singles ONLY. (Never married and Legally Separated only)
GUARANTEE We will make sure you meet at least 5 eligible singles of your age category.
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2014.05.19 23:18 tabledresser [Table] Hollywood Producer Here - I am aware of the absolute crap that is currently being produced by Hollywood. Lets make things better !

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Date: 2014-05-18
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Questions Answers
Complexity. I need movies with interconnected plots between different movies, and I need multiple plot levels. Stop holding my hand. I'm a smart guy. I remember everything that has happened in the movie. I see your setups. I catch the product placement. I like the little wink wink nod nod background scene moments. Intelligence. I want to learn something while I'm being entertained. There are plenty of historical events that, if recreated with minimal artistic license, would blow the audience away. President George Washington and his spies are a good example; the creation of the first atomic bomb is another. Want more recent events? How about the Mumbai attacks? Now THAT has action movie written all over it. Science. Real, no shit, this can actually happen, science. You want to scare the shit out of your audience? Use things that can actually happen, or have happened before and will happen again. The science in movies today are "based on actual events" with "movie magic" thrown in. Smart AND Strong Women. Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, and many many get the picture. I've got daughters that want kickass female heroes to connect with in the movies. Shootin'-N-'Splosions! I'm a guy after all. Just, please, no Hollywood "unlimited ammo" shootouts and no explosions when there should be no explosions. The baby carriage that falls off the cliff and explodes in mid-air... Really? ...really... -_- You can do better. We could be best friends. Also Katee Sackhoff (hello!)
Give me original, interesting stories where you don't immediately predict the end 10 minutes into the film, characters that are real characters and not just dialog-deliverers, and assume the audience has an IQ greater than that of a turnip. And this whole "characters who constantly bicker at each other for the sole reason that the screenwriter took a class that said 'you need to have conflict!' so they wind up putting in stupid and annoying petty conflict for the sake of having pointless conflict on-screen between everybody at all times" rule has GOT to go. I'm a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy, but the number of good movies in those genres is pretty slim. For some reason filmmakers treat those films as "lets be loud and stupid for an hour and a half; also, science is 'magic' so we'll treat it as such!". What I would love to see are exciting space adventures that don't actually break the laws of physics for a change. Space is a hostile, massively dangerous environment. You don't have to stupid-up the physics just to make things interesting -- the reality is far more dangerous and scary. Oh yeah, knock off the goddamned shakey-cam. Camera shake is punctuation. You use it here and there, not cranked up to 100% for every single shot. If a character is just sitting there talking, I don't need the camera to wobble around like the DP and crew finished a 5th of bourbon each that very morning. How to change things? Don't make half-assed scripts, and don't destroy good ones. Have a good script? Shoot it as written! (Example failure: that Russel Crowe "Robin Hood" movie -- very different from the original script that everyone was fighting over.) Pay the effects crews what they're worth, get out of the way, and let them do their job. Existing works I'd like to see made faithfully into movies? Dragon's Egg. Ender's Game (two movies, one for battle school, one for command school) can't believe they cut out 99.99% of Dragon Army and Ender's rise as a tactical genius, it was the best part of the freakin' book for fuck's sake... Grass. The Gate to Women's Country. The Mote in God's Eye. Snowcrash. The Diamond Age. Anathem. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. What really cracks me up: I'm about 80 pages into a sci-fi script I'm writing that is better than most sci-fi movies that have come out over the past decade. The punchline? I'm a pretty awful writer. PM me when that script is finished. You never know . . . Twilight got made and that shit was horrible ;)
Twilight also made a bazillion dollars. I don't think I know how to write that level of profitable shit, but I will rough out the rest of the screenplay (I have the entire plot arc in my head, just need to write out the details) and PM you when it's done (and registered with the WGA). I keep reminding people. In court its NOT enough to register with just the WGA ... you must absolutely register with the US Copyright Office. Entertainment Att. will tell you the same thing. Free legal advice wooo !
The moon is a harsh mistress! Everyone I know would by T-shirts/posters and go see it 20x. God I would LOVE that . . . However, theres already a team working on it (unsure what happened to it/current state) Tim Minear / David Heyman / Mike Medavoy
What's the point of that? I thought everything was automatically copyrighted upon creation. Oh hell no Ayavaron.
I'll save you from loosing everything and thousands in legal advice. Just do it. Hollywood will destroy you.
Can you say why instead of just "do it" though? I'm sorry but I'm really suspicious of people who can't answer why. I can however I am not an entertainment attorney nor a writer. This process is done long before I purchase rights or option a script.
WGA - Evidence US Copyright - LEGAL.
Referencing a few sources here ;
WGA REGISTRATION vs. COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION Screenwriters should register all of their scripts with the WGA Registry (Link to and with the U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress (Link to ASAP !!!
If I were to steal your screenplay and you've only registered with the WGA . . .
Example From The Writers Store : #1 Copyright protection exists at the moment of creation, registration with the Copyright Office is required before a lawsuit can be brought. Because it can take up to six months from the time the application is mailed to the Copyright Office until the application is processed and returned, if the writer needs to immediately file a lawsuit (i.e., in order to enjoin the movie's distribution), he must apply for an expedited registration, for which the Copyright Office charges an additional $580.
#2 If the writer registers the script with the Copyright Office only after the infringement has taken place, he will be barred from recovering attorneys fees or statutory damages in the lawsuit.
#3 If the script is registered prior to or within five years of its publication, the registration acts as prima facie proof of ownership of the script in the event of a trial. There is no such benefit from the WGA registration.
#4 The only real advantage of the WGA registration is that, in the event of a lawsuit or a credit arbitration, the WGA will have an employee appear and testify concerning the date of the registration. But this is rarely an issue during litigation.
Link to
Link to
If you still need additional information contact a entertainment attorney who will charge thousands to tell you the exact same thing.
Why do I tell you to do this ? Time is something I just don't have. Money is spent wisely. Weeding out lawsuits and potential speed bumps makes things easier to choose scripts that are more primed and ready to go.
Just because someone purchases or options your script doesn't mean that it will get made into your story per say ;
Script A + Script B + Writer C = New Movie Script A + Several Writers ("Passes") = Movie etc.
We could also change the location, ages of the characters, make them male or female, and other various changes to make the film more economic.
Once a script is through its final changes it gets made into a Production Draft and thats were the actual "this is what we plan to shoot" takes place. The script will be cleared with legal for names, places, etc that could bite us in the ass. Product placement might be added in. From there each "change" turns into a different draft (mostly due to directors wishes, budget, dialogue changes, and other small tiny details). During Pre-Production through shooting the writer(s) will work closely with a Script Coordinator to make sure these changes are done in the correct script format.
At the end of each shoot we'll be given a final "shooting script"
3)where is the female version of super bad? WONDER WOMAN - I am deeply concerned as well. We need more female's in Hollywood (producers, directors, executives, and finance backers). It would be easier to get Wonder Woman type movies made then :-/
5)Can we get Michael Keaton back in something please? Where is the female version of super bad? I am not sure but I really hope Tina Fey is sitting on her couch eating ben & jerry's writing it RIGHT NOW !
9)While both True Grit and 3:10 to Yuma were great, I haven't seem an original western with in depth characters since...shit, Unforgiven? Nick Offerman / Confederacy of Dunces (At least its something?) Link to
Jeeze.. You need a super bad woman..? Just talk to me. Bonus: antihero mom. The kids just love me. I do wish more moms would write... There's a lot of humor in everyday and interactions with kids. Moms are the best source !
My favourite generes are Science fiction and Guy Ritchie (he's a genere, right?). Just FYI My favorite film genre is science fiction My favorite director is Stanley Kubrick Science Fiction is a beautiful genre filled with amazing close knit fans (I'm a convention nerd) and insane technology pushing visuals. Battlestar Galactica the new series was an absolute wild ride to watch episode after episode - If only I could bottle that magic into film and less then 2 hours hah! Costume Design is something I've always been around at work but not actually been a part of. Its something that depending on what you're working on may or may not actually be a huge component of the film or almost a character in itself. Many designers start off as costume production assistants then join the union (costumers, costumer supervisors, costume designers). Theres even special jobs like agers, dyers, etc. You would like these links - Link to Link to Link to
I really, really want to see more live action musicals. Whether they're remakes of older films or entirely new. And none of this glee/high school musical crap.
Also I'm just tired of animatied films being passed off as live acton. After a certain point its just wistfull thinking to call a CGI heavy film anything other than a cartoon. I'm looking at you Avatar and The Hobbit.
Question for you: how would one go about getting into costume design for films?
Hey I hear you, but as a Producer how do you monetize all this work in this great metamodern age? If I registered my screenplay with the WGAW, how to I shop it nowadays? Do I still need an agent in these fast Internet times, or should I produce a 10 minute sample in my neighborhood to shop it by crowd-funding? #1 I actually don't live in Los Angeles (I don't like it there hah)... I just fly in for meetings, skype, and use phone/email. We don't really shoot movies in California anymore didn't you hear ? #4 Personally I don't think you need an agent anymore if you can make your own connections... however GET AN ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER ! Shop it to Producers . . . Is it similar to a genre someone is most known for ? Contact their people first (imdb pro / linkedin / etc). Also WGA won't hold up in court. US Copyright ASAP!
What obscure films resonated with you these last years? #2 Financing films (The Short Version - Most of what I do personally) Film finance. Sometimes a studio will fund the film, sometimes its a mix of private investors - hedge or private equity / studio / my company / presales to other countries / borrowing against a tax credit.
Are you for real? Cause, can I cast my vote for stop making every movie all orange and blue all the time because it feels like I haven't enjoyed a movie in years now. Blame this guy/gal ; Link to
Are you accepting script submissions? Do I need an agent first? I've been shopping this book around, but the producer we were going to work with had a heart attack, so it's back to square one :/ I'll read things yes ... However it needs to be registered first with wga and the us copyright office. That's me being nice and making sure your butt is covered :)
Should I copyright the novel version first before I turn it into a screenplay, or copyright the screenplay? I know with wga it should be the script that's registered. No. Always register EVERYTHING on both. Better safe then sorry . . .
Link to
Link to
Are you directing anything along those lines? At the end of the day we try really hard to have fun, keep the crew safe, and make the best movie possible. We shoot 12+ hours a day for weeks on end and sometimes just to get it made takes overlooking things like you pointed out. I'll try harder to make these things more organic and raw in my future projects. Thanks for pointing them out.
Well, if you're REALLY a female producer, I strongly suggest you find that movie Freshly Popped and give it a read. I rarely LOL reading scripts. It's like the not-lame version of a teen rom-com. Make it! I bet you can get it cheap if you did, it's been languishing for like 6 years or something. BAM! Thanks for writing back BTW - Not sure how many ridiculous posts you get about "PM me I have a script" but I do, a female driven, feminist style movie, but with adventure? IT'S CALLED "THE CULL" I'll read it but you need to register with wga and us copyright
The rights to Gundam in the US expired several years ago and Bandai hasn't re-licensed them yet. I think only a Hollywood studio could bank roll it. Link to is a really great site and pretty accurate for box office numbers. It's always interesting to see what movies were made for and what they grossed.
The problem with movies, is that sometimes I want to watch that cookie cutter comedy, or whatever genre. Sue me, sometime I like it simple. I can't wait till Finding Dory comes out. <3 Ellen <3.
Why shouldn't my 13 year old self enjoy a good Disney movie? Or that Sand Pit, or that goonies? Or that Finding Nemo, which honestly is one of the best movies in history in my honest opinion, I actual am anticipating Finding Dory. This is whats wrong in the world Link to
Are you actually a producer? Or did you just want to get the conversation started? I make a living producing.
I've worked on things you've seen, things in development, and things coming to your screen SOON. However, staying anonymous actually helps both you and I. Its more honest in a way because you guys can actually let me know whats up and I can respond in a casual way instead of hollywood business bs ;)
Well, don't be discouraged by the business. You say/are in a position to change things. Maybe it's not everything. My dad says, "you can have anything you want; you just can't have everything" Listen, explore, and most importantly do. I am doing exactly that. Reddit allows me to "speak" to the public without actually talking about a specific movie of ours. I appreciate the fact that I can read comments and research on the internet. Comments and information are used to back up my own feelings for the studio people needing "proof" so to speak.
Stop letting idiot directors and terrible screen play writers tear apart every book we have read, cartoons we watched in our childhood, and video/board game that we loved to play. I wish it was that easy! Studios have long since purchased the rights or the right to distribute the entity. If something is popular in pop culture chances are its already owned by a major studio. They purchase from A and option them to B (producer or director). Our job as producers is to secure the financial backing and put the team together. Often times then not its just a bad team.
Marvel's world is a really great example ; Sony- Spider-Man and Ghost Rider (and all related villains, characters, etc.) Fox- X-Men, Daredevil, and the Fantastic Four (and all related villains, characters, etc.) Marvel Studios/Disney- All the characters that aren't affiliated with Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, X-Men, Daredevil, and the Fantastic Four.
Anything with toys, international appeal, etc is MUCH easier to get made and to convince a studio to distribute.
For me if your gonna make a super hero movie get good actors that look and act as good as the comics even if it means getting some no name actor. If the casting is gonna be bad don't bother. I think most cosplayers will do a more fitting job then some xmen cast. I wish someone would make a convention movie . . . comedy?
Also, more Mob movies. Gotti, Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco, more like that. Personally I'm sad about the lack of westerns . . . Theres a western psychological thriller I hope to make one day.
Adam Sandler is, like, in love with some girl. But, it turns out that the girl is actually a golden retriever, or something. I love 90's Adam Sandler so so so much.
I have friends working on this movie of his coming out next year "Pixels" Link to From what they're all said I have pretty high hopes for it. Lets hope he doesn't fail . . .
MORE ORIGINAL, INTELLIGENT, & CHALLENGING SCREENPLAYS PLS. So many writers nowdays . . . not very many are good :(
More movies like The Budapest Hotel. Link to - Watch with English Subtitles ? (Disney owns this work . . . I would imagine hollywood will make their own version)
Also a story that should be a movie is the 100 hundred year old man who climbed the window and disappeared. HUGE Wes Anderson fan although The Budapest Hotel wasn't my favorite of his... ended up being a bit let down. Its beautiful as always but thought it was a bit cold hearted.
Stop with the god damn REMAKES! I agree. I won't personally touch remakes :)
Just sayin youve got a cool job and seem like your a pretty cool down to earth person in a sea of what I percieve as a very ugly insane sharks. I have stories and ideas but at least I know you dont need to be that way to succeed. Thanks. I think the fact that I wasn't "raised" by hollywood but simply grew up watching kick ass movies with my folks (Thanks Mom & Dad!) really showed me to be a viewer / fan first and a producer second !
That attitude is why I love Tarantino, fan first attitude. Now go have a nice nice night and when the next kickass western comes out ill think of you. Btw Canada does have some kickass old tales aswell, cheers. Making a Western the way I want to (a mental thriller) ala western the shining ... #1 Producing Bucket List
Throw in some Hitchcock, Cronenberg, it could do really well turn the genre on its head a lil bit. Marx bros darkness, Zombie i love for his reference and weird humour cause im just a bit twisted that way lol. Its my golden child ... you'll love it.
Catcher in the rye. This is actually a really interesting book to research. It says a lot about hollywood, publishers, and authors. JD Salinger always insisted it NOT be made into a film - with strict instructions for his publishers.
So far they've rejected Goldwyn, Spielberg, Weinstein, etc.
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2012.09.18 11:29 tabledresser [Table] I am an American that lives in China. I used to think China was some horrible place up until I actually came here. I have now lived here for 3 years. AMA!

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Date: 2012-09-17
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Link to my post
Questions Answers
What brought you to China? I updated this post to answer this common question to any newcomers. See it.
Do you speak Chinese now? I speak moderate Chinese. I wouldn't say fluent, but fair enough to get by alright.
Do you see yourself living there [at brought you to China]for a long time? Not sure about living here for a very long time. I would love to, but I don't think it will be an option forever. As my father's company has less need for him (he's only here to START the plant, not run it) and I need to go to college - we will need to leave.
What do you like about China? I love the people. They love westerners usually. Things are way more open for a person. The law isn't strict at all. Oh, and you can drink at pretty much any age and nobody will do much about it. Been going to clubs since age 16 :P (hope that doesn't sound douchey).
What's the most interesting thing you have done/seen so far? There's a lot of interesting things. I wouldn't be able to say just one. The enormousity of the cities alone is amazing. You stop complaining about traffic and business in America when you get used to things here.
What is the scariest thing that has happened? Scariest thing? Hmm...nearly ending up in e-bike crash probably.
What is the funniest thing? Funniest? Plenty of drunken adventures with classmates :P.
What's the best food you have eaten? I still eat mostly foreign food. I'm not much of a Chinese dish guy, though I like rice.
Thanks for the responses! I'm curious about the almost e-bike crash. What's the story with that? Not much of a story. That kind of thing happens all the time around here. Tons of bikes and cars. Just got too close to a bus that wasn't paying attention when it turned.
Yipe! So you own an electric bike? Does it charge the battery(ies) when you pedal? And do you know if your bike has regenerative braking? Mine is really simple. It's a scooter type, not the smaller pedal types. It's just got two batteries that you charge at the plug. Nothing else.
I've seen the smaller ones with pedals though. Dunno anything about the braking.
I know it's a big country, but how much of the anti-japan protesting have you seen or heard? (Aside from online sources) Just a few comments from my girlfriend about it. She's very pro-China.
Me and her have a few political disagreements. I tend to just try to stay quiet about my views on Tibet, Hong Kong, and Thailand from her. Chinese seem very territorial.
My wife is Chinese (and patriotic too), while I can agree that Tibet and Japan are not good topics for calm discussion, I'd say Taiwan and Hong Kong are less sensitive subjects where you (and perhaps her) actually may learn something from talking about it. Different girls have been different ways about it all. My current girlfriend is heavily patriotic and will start yelling in arguments about those subjects. Ex girlfriends hardly ever cared though.
At this point we've come to a point where she's actually more against the way they behave like they're superior, than she is against the concept of them being separate entities of the Chinese culture. But as always, approach with caution bro. Though, many people have already told me that my current gf needs to go. She's insecure / paranoid (she's constantly suspicious of cheating) and has trains of thought that make no sense.
I tend to just try to stay quiet about my views on Tibet, Hong Kong, and *Thailand* Surely you mean Taiwan? I'm not aware of any bad blood between China and Thailand. Taiwan, yes, my bad. I always do that. You know, because "Tai" and "Thai" are pronounced the same.
I tend to just try to stay quiet about my views on Tibet, Hong Kong, and Thailand from her. Do you also support a free Hawaii? I don't see what you're getting at though. I don't see any relationship between Hawaii and China. Or at least I never noticed it when I was there.
You mentioned that you support a free Tibet. Hawaii is the Tibet of the United States. So I was basically asking if your support for the freedom of occupied lands was consistent across the board. I don't know anything about Hawaii to be honest, besides "The most active volcano in the world" and "Kuai is pretty and has wild chickens". I don't know anything about it's political and social statuses, so I can't say I have any opinion about it.
What are the most common misconceptions about daily life in China? Censorship? Poverty? Pollution? Civil rights? Education? Etc. Censorship - Kinda, not too bad though. Poverty - No, unless you mean the bad regions. Pollution - In the big cities. Civil Rights - This is never an issue unless someone tries doing something too extreme. They really don't care about what you discuss at the dinner table. They just wouldn't like it if you went around making a big public thing about hating China. Education - Basically good.
I love how you just made the lack of freedom of speech seem like not a big deal lol "Eh, say what ever you want at home... but if you do it in public you might vanish and never be heard from again. Not a big deal!" lol. Well they just don't want you doing strikes or making huge public messes about it. I personally would never do it even if I was Chinese, the country is well taken care of in my eyes.
Poverty - No, unless you mean the bad regions. Well I mean, it's not abundunt in my city. You'll find it easily if you go looking for it though, of course.
Wow, so no one is really poor except for in the poor areas? Sounds amazing. Suzhou is a pretty rich city though. Look it up - it's well developed. I can't really speak for other regions in China because Suzhou is like the freaking Singapore of China.
Wow, China must have "smart" pollution that only hovers over the "big" cities. Impressive country, that. Don't be dicks, guys. If you start saying things like this I'll just see this as getting spammed by "people who hate China just because they want to hate China".
Have you been to Singapore? Cause if you had, you'd never make a comment like that. Yes, I have.
I'll take pictures of Suzhou tonight and try to find some of my old ones. This city looks amazing. The architecture is great, the lights are amazing.
Look up things about Suzhou btw. There's quite a few interesting facts / places here that are cool.
I don't need to "Look up things about Suzhou", because I've been there. Souzhou isn't, under any stretch of the imagination, anything like Singapore. You've been here recently? Seen SIP? I love it.
Btw, it's not Souzhou O_o that was a mistake, right? Just making sure we're both talking about the same city.
What do you think is the biggest misconception about China and what was your biggest misconception about China? That they're all brainwashed zombies, pretty much.
They're not. Stop thinking that.
Mine? That it'd be some terribly polluted poor country with nothing to do and they'd hate America and all be brainwashed. All of those are wrong except the very first one, which only applies to big cities like Shanghai.
I live in China too, and it is a terribly polluted poor country. Which city? Suzhou is nice, not anymore polluted than any U.S. city is.
Visited Suzhou about a month ago. Hot as FUCK. Hot summers, cold winters. Humid as hell in the summer, yes.
How old are you? How long will you stay? Are you there with family? Do you study in HS or college? Is it a chinese high school or college or international one? How are white guys perceived there? Do people stare and point at you? How are sexually conservative or loose are women? Do you encounter racism? How many chinese girls have you banged? Were they actually hot? How much english do people speak? 19 - Maybe 1 or 2 more years. - International HS up until now. Now I need to be getting into college plans. - We're usually liked. People are interested in foreigners. - Sometimes, but it's mostly by small children that know no better. - Most are sexually conservative - closed. You can find the "crazy" girls if you go looking though, there's plenty in the right places :P - No racism towards me (except by a group of Russians here. Every Russian I've ever met has been a dick to me actually. But by what I can tell, they kinda do that to everybody). - About 4 - One was really hot. I've got a new girl in my sights that's ultra hot, like model hot, though (hope that doesn't sound too douchey). - Quite a good amount, actually. Especially in the big cities. You'd be surprised.
What does "about 4" mean? Drunken things happen, and some I don't really know to count if real sex or not.
Did you know any Mandarin previously? None. Zero, zip, nada, nothing. I never even studied a second language before.
I came to China knowing nothing about learning a second language. It's been a rough road in language classes, but I'm finally coming along fairly well now. It's just the written language I can't do at all. I can only write in pinyin. Speaking isn't hard at all though.
I prefer pinyin. Do they use mostly traditional or simplified where you are? Simplified. Though they can understand traditional usually.
Easy question: What is your favorite Chinese food to eat? What about least favorite? Rice and Dumplings. Oh, and they have some good teas too.
Least favorite : Anything from the weirder parts of China, like Guangdong food.
But 4Chan teaches that OP must ALWAYS love Dong. Well I don't visit 4chan. So no.
Cantonese food is a major part of Chinese cuisine...have you only been trying really strange and exotic foods there? Can't imagine dim sum or wonton noodle soup as weird food. I haven't really tried many different Chinese foods actually. I'm not much of an Asian food eater. My girlfriends have hated this about me, of course. I do my best to change though. I'm just one of those people who seem intolerant to foods they didn't grow up with though.
Is the internet really monitored and censored? Monitored - I don't know. They most likely keep records, but nobody is actively watching them in real time.
Censored - Yes. Any website they have a good Chinese copy of or goes against the government is censored out.
No Facebook, no twitter, no youtube unless you use a proxy or vpn. Yup. I don't use Twitter anyway.
Oh, and Tumblr too.
I hope you use /china - they seem to have a pretty good waiguoren in China vibe going. I'll take your comment in part as an answer to my question asked to d9-thc.
Obvious question: why did you decide to go to China? International school/college? Or impressively managed to get a job as a foreigner? My father is an Engineer that works for Dow-Corning. I started living with my dad after leaving my mother for several reasons, and he took me along with him when he came to China a year after that happened.
Yeah, I don't live in China, so I was initially expecting more general china discussion there, but it appears almost everyone there is an expat. Fairly interesting way to see how they view events in China compared to official news sources or Weibo. Plans? School and having fun, basically.
So what kinds of plans do you have? I kinda expected you were living with a parent since you said you were 19, but you also said your family hates China so : My dad is fine with it. It's more like everyone else in my family is like that. My dad's also the only one in my family that's very smart as well, so it should add up fairly well.
How is the bureaucracy? We hate it. America wants to know everything about everything when your traveling - mostly because they want to make sure they're still getting money out of you. As for the Chinese side of it, there are some ridiculous passport work. Sometimes we have to go to Hong Kong for reasons we don't understand.
Give us info on the girls man. How many? I've had 4 girlfriends here. Might be finishing off with the current one though.
Do you think if you didn't attend an international school, people would treat you the differently? Perhaps ostracize you? I feel as though more people would be 'tolerant' of your being an American at an international school than at an average Chinese school. Chinese idolize foreigners. If I went to a Chinese school they'd love it.
Unfortunately, foreigners cannot go to normal schools here. Foreigners MUST go to international schools.
Proof? Hmm...proving a location is fairly difficult. If I posed in a picture holding up my username on a piece of paper with Jinji lake (my city's lake) in the background, would that work?
Wait, it's 1:32 in the morning here right now. I doubt that would even work.
A little help with ideas? If all else fails I guess I could just give my Facebook link, but I tend to try to be private about that.
The picture would work perfectly! Let me take it in the morning then. Not gonna get a good shot right this moment (you'd just get a black picture). I'll try getting up early for a change to get the picture.
If you're a moderator and just need verification, I can just send you a link to my Facebook via PM and hope that works for now.
China sucks, dirty damn dog eaters. Just one step above the negroes. Obvious troll is obvious.
Unless you're serious, then it's just fucking depressing.
Either way, you're not worth my time in talking to.
How can you stand living in a country where sarcasm doesn't exist? They usually understand sarcasm if they understand much of any English.
Not necessarily. I've had to explain sarcasm to people. It depends where they're from. Hmm...yeah, Chinese vary a lot depending on region, more so than any other country I've been to. I live in the South between Shanghai and Hong Kong. People seem to understand sarcasm fairly well here.
Even when I talk to Chinese people in their own language, they don't seem to understand when I'm serious or not. I guess it's some sort of cultural difference. They only get it if they understand English. I think there is a way to express sarcasm in Chinese, but it's not well known to me. It's probably different from the English way - which is often stressing words. You can't do that in Chinese or the meaning changes. Tones are the most difficult part to master, and the most annoying.
Are there any easy to do embarassing mixups based on tone? The number 4 and death are very close in tone. Some buildings don't have a floor 4 or floor 14, or both. Especially hospitals. No visiting relative would be very happy to hear that the patient they're looking for is on the "death floor".
That's just one of the most well known ones though. There are actually a lot of puns based on tones.
How do they not have a 4th floor? You can't just skip 4. Even if they call it 5, it'll still be 4. Take a look at western society in which the 13th floor is simply omitted in elevators. It's the same deal.
Like that, there's still a fourth floor, but they just skip it and call it the 5th anyway.
In most cases it's the 14th floor that's taken out though, not the 4th.
Any news on the protests against the Japanese at the moment? I honestly don't know anything about it besides what's on international news. Nothing is going on here.
I have some good friends who spent 3 years in China who reported continued issues with internet access due to what they believed was censorship. Have you had that experience? Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are outright blocked, many others as well. China has their own copy of pretty much every western website, so they feel no need to keep our's around to compete with their's.
China doesn't want anyone to compete with their companies on their own turf, so if a good copy of a popular website exists, you can bet the original has been blocked.
Is it hard to keep in touch with people from back home? Facebook and e-mail, pretty much.
Though there's not much of anyone I wanna see back home. Communication isn't an issue when you don't have anyone to communicate with...
What are some of those Chinese alternatives? Whats the Chinese facebook and youtube? Facebook is probably Weibo and Qzone.
For instant messaging, there's QQ (there's also QQi, the international version, for foreigners).
Youtube : Link to - you'll need to make it appear as if you're connecting from China to see it though.
They have lots of stuff on YouKu that YouTube would remove if they found it on their own site. That means streaming full movies is totally possible there.
I spent most of April in China and it was a crazy experience. I was stampeded everywhere in the Shandong province. There were no whites there and people were constantly taking pictures of me and leaning out of houses to touch me. And the babies had bare bottoms. What is that about?? Hahaha, I've never been there. However, you do get used to the busy roads and such after a while. There are tons of foreigners where I live and I haven't seen the baby thing. Maybe you were in a bad place xD.
Is everything really made in China? J/k, what part of China do you live? Suzhou, Jiangsu.
You mentioned that the censorship "wasn't too bad" and that "They just wouldn't like it if you went around making a big public thing about hating China." Also, you mentioned that Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook are blocked in certain areas. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are blocked all across the country except places like Hong Kong. - I don't feel a ton of anything about it. I just VPN around it. - Chinese don't really care. There are Chinese copies of these websites that they use.
Also, I had a Chinese teacher who freak out when a kid mentioned the Tiananmen Square Massacre. She started screaming and said it never happened. My view is that it was a terrible incident that should have never happened. I don't think the government would handle it the same way today, but I'm not one to judge.
How difficult is it to read anything in China? I'd have to ask one of my friends who can read the written language better. I only know a few, but it's really not hard. Sure, there are many characters that closely resemble other ones - however there's usually only one version that's used popularly. I can identify phrases like "Wo ai ni" (I love you) very quickly, just because I've seen them so much.
Really? My teach said that Chinese people don't usually say that to each other? It appears an awful lot around here. Of course, they don't say it without a reason to. It's not hard to find the phrase written somewhere though. It's a pretty popular thing for people to say globally, ya know.
I came here to read about sex stories and women.. It depends. Many don't because it's not in tradition to do so. However I had one gf that did it herself and another that started after getting with me.
Was disappointed.. Scream though? Not really. Just normal sexy sounds to me, haha ;D.
Is it true they dont shave their vaginas like in porn? And do they scream like they do in the porno's? Though I've never had sex with a fellow westerner, so I probably have no perspective on that to compare with.
What are some notable but subtle differences between the western world and China? Most differences aren't too subtle. Hmm...
Lots more people - Construction is done hella fast - They're much more respectful (except in waiting lines). - They're definitely more closed minded sexually.
Hmm...let me try to think of more and come back.
Is it true that asian girls/women are really into white men? Do we really count as "latin lovers" in asia? Is the sex different? Or harder to find? Pretty much. We're more attractive here. It's the only reason I get anything really. If I was still in America I'd likely still be a virgin.
How do you go about meeting girls? Are they automatically attracted to you since your different or they are rebellious? Some love foreigners. Others think we're dicks because of past experiences with us - we kinda have a bad reputation for ripping them off romantically. They're kinda finally catching on that most foreigners that come to China treat Chinese people like they're shit. I don't do that myself, but a lot of foreigners that come here seem to be racist as fuck about Chinese people - they think Chinese only exist to serve them. Now that the Chinese are catching on to this rude behavior it's starting to hurt our reputation among them.
Let me tell you though - Right now they like us. If they ever come to actually hate us, it'll be our own damned fault. We kinda are rude, ya know.
Have you seen any sweatshops? None.
I can't believe they don't sell sweats over there. Sweats? You mean like sweat pants and so forth? I see them sometimes O.o.
How do the Chinese feel about it's export industry and how do they feel when us Americans accuse them of making cheap stuff and using sweatshops? I've never really discussed this much with them.
I will tell you this though - China doesn't like the assholes that do these things either. They get punished badly when they fuck up like that. Walmart has had problems with poisoning Chinese people even more often than anyone else in the world.
It's not planned attacks or something against other countries - it's the few irresponsible their personal selves who cause it. So please don't see it as CHINA's fault as a whole.
So... Why do you think there are so many china haters ? You really have to come here to understand. As long as you don't, you'll just be with the West, which has taught you to despise China and much of the East - you'll live in thoughts of racism about China. When you come here, you'll understand that the things people say about China are really exaggerated and the people are amazingly kind.
What do you do for a living ? Play games, eat, go out on weekends, drink, relax.
Oh, and school on some weekdays. But that's a minor thing :p.
I know next to nothing about chinese media and such. So what are regular TV and movies like over there? As soap opera and reality TV filled as the west? Also music. Do they listen to western music? Whats... China Pop... C-pop like. They have some Chinese music and television and movies. They're kinda similar to anything we'd have in the states usually - just Chinese versions of the stuff.
When I was in Japan, I encountered a group of Chinese tourists. They shoved in front of lines and acted as if it was a fight to get everywhere. I was told by my Japanes tour guide that in China, they don't understand the concept of "waiting in line" very well. How true is this, or did I just encounter some especially rude Chinese? Waiting in line is problematic here. There's so many people that being polite goes out the window. If you want anything done in China, you have to stand out and push for it. Otherwise, it'll never get done and you'll just be ignored while people who are pushing get served.
BUT, what you just explained sounded extreme. They might have been being rude on racial grounds, actually. Chinese just love pushing around the Japanese - because they despise Japan. So, there might have been some racism going on there, not just "they're not used to waiting in line".
If you have been in China for three years, why haven't you yet learned that anything you tell Americunts and other waigourencunts about the Middle Kingdom that contradicts their long-held prejudiced views, that you will be attacked as a commie bastard or an internet shill working for the PLA? I already know that. I just go against the circlejerk.
I've been downvoted to hell many times for making ANY defense of China before. I feel as if China has to be the "enemy" everyone has to put their hatred into - just because SOMEONE has to do it. The Chinese don't hate Americans at all, yet Americans simply despise China because they're "Godless Communist bastards". I really wish the U.S. would get out of it's 1950's propoganda stage already.
Even family has blamed me being Liberal and Atheist on China. They think I'm being possessed by Satan who's making me be a "lefty" and crap. I really just don't want to talk to them anymore, they're not worth my time. I'll let them fight amongst themselves like they always do until they perish - but without me.
How is dimsum there? Is "real" chinese food that different from the one served in America? Very. Americans get "Westernized Chinese" food. Real Chinese food are things I doubt you'd try if given the opportunity.
No, I don't mean cats and dogs or any of that bullshit redneck parents tell their kids because they hate China and love making up crap about them. I mean they eat parts of animals that Americans don't, or cook them differently. One example I saw once is fish skin - another is chicken feet. They also love dipping stuff in a kind of vinegar for some reason. I never liked it myself.
They also have great rice and dumplings though :D and noodles.
What are the schools like, from a perspective that Westerners can understand? I go to an international school, so rich and great quality of teaching to me of course.
If you mean public schools, I'm not the one to ask. Though from the outside they look fine too.
How hard is it to adapt to a different culture? Do you ever feel "left out" as an American? Not really, we're treated better than the Chinese in most cases.
The only things I had to adapt to was how busy it is (because I'm from countryside) and the lower internet speeds (though they're still good) :P oh and needing to use a VPN.
Is pollution terrible? Are allergies very bad in China? Pollution is bad in places like Shanghai. Here in Suzhou, not so much. Still, Shanghai is about as bad as places like New York etc.
Allergies are better here than in the states.
Huh, go figure. I always thought China had the highest pollution levels in the world. The more densely populated a place is, obviously the worse. Los Angeles is TERRIBLE. Tokyo is bad. Mumbai is bad. Etc etc etc. You shouldn't rank using countries if you ask me - in ANY country, as soon as you leave these select big cities, you get away from most of it's pollution.
I think you should compare a country's size to it's emissions. If it's China, a huge landmass, then it's probably distributed. If you're looking at a near-USA level of greenhouse emissions from a small place like Japan, then you're looking at huge population density and lots of pollution all piling up in one place - which is much worse.
Btw, I do believe that the USA is, overall, still the biggest in emissions of greenhouse gases, though I might be wrong.
My friend is moving to China on Saturday- What should I get her? I wanted to do things that they do not have there that she would wish she had brought. Any ideas? Is she a gamer? If so - she might want some original games. They won't have US region English games here. They'll just have copies.
What kind of food do you eat there? I hope you don't eat stuff that's not imported. Of course I eat stuff that's not imported! You have to try the food, tons of it is really good.
Stop thinking any food from China is going to kill you. That's ridiculous. And no, they don't eat cats and dogs for crying out loud. Such only ever happens at all in a certain city that nobody really likes.
Lies, everybody knows the Chinese eat cats and dogs. No, they don't. That's a tale that redneck parents tell their kids because they're prejudiced.
What made you move to China and how long do you plan on living there? See the edit I made into the OP. Probably a year or two more. Not sure though, I'd like to stay longer.
Do you ever use any ways to get around censored websites? VPN.
It's easy to love living in china being white. True this. I guess it's just more enjoyable to me since I pretty much on the top.
Because he is taller. I remember walking through the streets feeling like a giant. And I am not that tall. I made a lot of menacing faces and pretended I was deciding who to eat. I'm shorter than most Chinese actually.
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